Catac Rules

52 Cards
31 Pure breed Big Cat cards
6 Cross breed Big Cat cards
15 Vindicate Big Cards
1 Catenate card
1 Catastrophy Card
The aim of the game is score the most points by Vindicating the Big Cats.
Players get 5 cards each, the remainder are placed face down into a Play deck and the game starts on the Dealer's left.
Each round a Player MUST play a card face up to the centre of the table.
This area is called the Reservation and all cards in it must be kept visible.
After playing a card the Player must try to honour a Vindicate card in the Reservation.
e.g. If there are 3 lions in the Reservation along with the Vindicate 3 Lions card, the Player removes those 4 for scoring at the end of the game.
The player picks up a card from the Play deck and the game passes to the left.
The game ends when no cards are left and no one can play.
At the end of the game any (Vindicated) Cat cards score Jaguar=1 point, Lion=2, Tiger=3 and Leopard=4, the Player with the most points win.
Vindicate cards with ?, these cards can match any breed of (identical) Cats.
Cross breed cards, these count as either for Vindication and both sides score separately.
Catastrophy card, when this is played it immediately wipes all of the Player's choice of Cat breed (e.g. Tigers) from the Reservation, so no one ever scores them.
Catenate card, when played 3 more rounds of the game are then played with no actions taking place. Then the original player of the card plays normally.