MatchLord Concepts


The important part of the card is its value e.g. a Position of 5 or an Action of Shoot. These can be represented as normal cards as corner pips

  • Pips left and right for different handed players
  • Both card value pips together
  • The pips rotated and repeated at the bottom.


  • Pip values for Shoot and Save are chosen as + and -
  • Tactic and Trick as ! and ?.


  • A card is given a unique related title text based on its value e.g. a "Curl It" for a 5 and a "Tip It" for a save.
  • As the cards are split in their functionality there is half a card to fill with an image
  • Use a pitch image based on the card value and a shot arc based that differs between cards of the value.

Thematic Design

The immediate idea for design is to include player names and team kit colours.
Apart from the licensing cost this would entail it also dates the design.
It is possible to regularly update the design but then the game would be chasing the real life "Season's Kit" paradigm of ever increasing cost.