MatchLord Preparation

Card Generation

To allow flexibility in the design phase the cards are being automatically generated.
The most immediate way is to use Paint Shop Pro x6 (psp) macros generated using a Perl script.
The contents of the macros can be determined by recording scripts, writing to a file and analysing the output. Two images are generated for each card the png format (for uploading) and a pspimage format.


There are currently 2 images needed by the 001 design

  • A foot
  • A glove

These are generated from rotoscoped photographs.

Macro Deployment.

In psp macros the switching between layers and images is done relatively.
Thus there needs to be a pattern using such macros.

  • The first image loaded is the foot.
  • The second image loaded is a glove
  • The generate pitch macro is run to create the third image

Card macros may now be run, one at a time.

This Perl script generates

  • A psp macro for the pitch (MLBack.pspscript) used on the card backs.
  • A psp macro for the isometric pitch (MLPitch.pspscript) used in the cards.
  • A psp macro for each of the 72 cards (ML100xx.pspscript).

Card Data

For each of the 72 cards there is a description in the perl file.
This is a csv list of the card attributes.

  • Index number of card e.g. 1 to 12 for the 5/1 cards
  • An action word for the first number e.g for 5 "Curl It"
  • The value of the card e.g. 5
  • An action word for the second number e.g for 1 "Back Pass"
  • The value of the card e.g. 1
  • A positive word for the first number e.g. "Believe"
  • A positive word for the second number e.g. "Achieve"

Card Back

There are two back that differ in the border colour

  • Bronze (orange) for Standard cards
  • Silver (grey) for International position cards.

Deck Generation

The script is run generating the psp macros.
Psp is launched launched and the foot then the glove images are loaded.
The multiple scripts option is chosen and 72 scripts are added to a job. The job itself can NOT be saved.

Printing Template

The template for uploading advises a 36 pixel border area for card integrity.
The generated cards are currently designed to be bridge sized (aspect ratio 3.5/2.25=1.56) and are generated at 1120x1760 which seem to be 1.57 !
The 1120x1760 card is rescaled on upload so the required border area of 36 pixel is unknown.
After experimentation the borders need to be set to 130 and 205 pixels.
The script is modded to generate in this new size bleed over it.

Design Adjustment

There is the potential for irregular edges on the pitch picture so the design is modded not to bleed it. The border chosen is the mid point of the positive word text.
The script generated 72 cards are reviewed in Picasa. A few of the action words over run their alloted space and there is a set of the 3/3 words missing (as there are in effect 2 sets of them). The font point size is adjusted, some words are adjusted and the generation is run again.
The initial up load only had 71 images, as the action word on card 36 was "Sod's Law" and the ' broke the pspscript.
The inclusion of this term was questioned but was considered to be more in use than "Murhpy's Law". The fact it broke the script makes it an autonym.

Uploading design

For the first time user the design interface is easy to understand.

  • An assuring save button
  • Multiple uploads are allowed
  • Auto fill from the uploads.

Creation of albums thus the fronts and backs can be separated.
The hardest work was adding a back to each card manually.