MatchLord Testing 2.3

Out Of Control Sharpie


Led to protector cards to bookend the deck


International Misdesign

The International Position cards were meant to provide an instability into the game.

During Testing it was noticed they were having a more dramatic effect that had been planned.

The international versions were to be +/- 1 of the lower position face, i.e. a 4/2 would become

  • 4/3
  • 4/1

Instead they were prototyped on the higher scoring face i.e. a 4/2 had become

  • 5/2
  • 3/2

The effect of this can be seen in this difference chart.

What should have been differences of +/- 1 could be +/- 5.


N.B. 0=Save 6 =Shot

The mistake does benefit the game ! So it has been kept in.