Monster Lore Modelling

In conjunction with play testing Monster Lore is modelled at every stage of development.

The premise is simply that if computer program code can be written to prove a rule then that rule has to be unambiguous.


Metrics to be collected from modelling

  • Issue under test
  • Minimum, maximum and average values of game pinch points.

Game Pinch Points

Although enjoyment can not be monetised there are certain factors of Monster Lore which can poison it:

  • Number of turns in a game
  • Number of cards played in a turn
  • Number of victories  a player may score
  • Number of victories a player is denied
  • Number of times a player can not go

What values these should be is not known but they can be put in perspective by:

  • Tallying values with game testing
  • Comparison of metrics across rule changes and card scatterings.
  • Effect of booster packs.

Players are modelled as North and South.