MatchLord Rules

36 Standard Position cards with 1,2,3,4,5 motifs.
12 Shoot/Save cards with +/- motifs.
8 Tactic/Trick (Wild) cards with ?/! motifs.
16 International cards with 1,2,3,4,5 motifs.
Shuffle the deck and place it face down between the 2 players. This is a game of two halves, a half lasts until the deck is exhausted and no player can go (lay a card). At the end of the first half the deck is shuffled and the second half starts. At the end of the second half the player with the most goals wins.
Players should have at least of 5 cards in their hand, replenishing at the end of their turn. If a player is unable to start a turn they pick up a card and their turn ends. A player must lay a card (even a Wild one) if they can. The Tactic/Trick cards are Wild and can be any card in the deck, this must be called when they are played.
Each card has two values e.g. 3/2 and can be rotated before being laid to use the other value e.g. 2/3. A card is laid so the played value is readable by the current player e.g. 3 and its other (rotated) value is readable by their opponent e.g. 2. The opponent will play from the (rotated) card they can read e.g. 2.
A kick off starts a half or the play after a goal. A player must lay a Position card of 3 e.g. 3/2. If they can not lay a 3 their turn ends (and they pick up a card).
After a kick off, cards are laid in the sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Shoot. A turn ends when a player is not able to go. It is an automatic goal if a player has no cards left after playing a Shoot (or Wild) card.
After a Shoot card the (next) player must lay a Save (or Wild) card, else a goal is scored. The shot must then be cleared with a Position card, playing its lowest value. If a player is unable to clear a goal is scored. The (Save) turn ends after the clearance card is laid.
GOAL !!!
When a goal is scored its Shoot/Save (or Wild) card is kept out of the deck for the rest of the game as a tally. After a goal is scored the conceding player then kicks off.
For the first half play proceeds clockwise, player 1 plays to player 2 (on a pile between 1 and 2). When 1 finishes, 2 plays off the (rotated) value that 1 ended with but plays to 3 (on a pile between 2 and 3). When 2 finishes, 3 plays off the (rotated) value that 2 ended with but plays to 1 (on a pile between 3 and 1). At half time play proceeds anticlockwise.
Split into 2 teams of 2, taking it in turns to play as per 2 players.