Monster Lore Rules

50 Element battle cards
4 brown Book Quests worth 4 points.
6 yellow Booty Quests worth 3 points.
6 brown Basher Quests worth 2 points.
6 green Beast Quests worth 1 points.
Shuffle the deck and place it face down between the 2 players. The games lasts until the deck is exhausted and no player can go. The player with the most points from finishing quests wins.
Players should have at least the number of cards in their hand equal to the number of Quest cards they have won (i.e. 0 at start up), replenishing at the end of their turn. If a player is unable to start a turn they pick up a card and their turn ends. A player must lay a card (even a Quest one) if they can. The "?" is wild and can be any element which must be stated when it is laid.
Each card has two values e.g. Fire/Earth and can be rotated before being laid to use the other value e.g. Earth/Fire. A card is laid so the played value is readable by the player e.g. Fire and its other (rotated) value is readable by their opponent e.g. Earth. The opponent will play from the (rotated) card they can read e.g. Earth.
A Quest starts the game, or follows after a Quest is complete. A player must lay a Quest card and then their turn ends. If they can not lay a Quest card the turn ends (and they pick up a card). The Quest card is laid cross ways so the Quest subject can always be seen. The Element part of the Quest card is now in play (for both players).
During a Quest players take it in turns to match elements e.g. Fire to Fire.
If in the normal play of matching Elements the rotated value of the laid card is a Quest this ends the current Quest. If the Quest finisher beats the Quest starter the player laying the last card wins the Quest starter card. If the Quest finisher loses to the Quest starter the opponent wins the Quest starter card.
Books always win. Beasts give Booty so they can not be beaten by a Booty finisher. Booty buys Bashers so they can not be beaten by a Basher finisher. Bashers beat Beasts so they can not be beaten by a Beasts finisher.
The Quest winner keeps the Quest starting card to tally their score and remind themselves how many cards minimum they are allowed in their hand.
Play first proceeds clockwise, player 1 plays to player 2 (on a pile between 1 and 2). When 1 finishes, 2 plays off the (rotated) value that 1 ended with but plays to 3 (on a pile between 2 and 3). When 2 finishes, 3 plays off the (rotated) value that 2 ended with but plays to 1 (on a pile between 3 and 1). Subsequent games reverse the order of play.
Split into 2 teams of 2, taking it in turns to play as per 2 players.