MotoLap Rules
54 Road (coloured background)/Drive (coloured path) cards
16 Moto/Lap (Wild) cards.
Shuffle the deck and place it face down between the 2 players. The games lasts until the deck is exhausted and no player can go. The player with the most Lap cards wins.
Players should have at least of 5 cards in their hand, replenishing at the end of their turn. If a player is unable to start a turn they pick up a card and their turn ends. A player must lay a card (even a Wild one) if they can. The Moto card is Wild counting as any Drive card and the Lap card scores.
Each card has two values e.g. Road Hairpin/Drive Straight and can be rotated before being laid to use the other value e.g. Drive Straight/Road Hairpin. A card is laid so the played value is readable by the player e.g. Drive Straight and its other (rotated) value is readable by their opponent e.g. Road Hairpin. The opponent will play from the (rotated) card they can read e.g. Road Hairpin
To start a new lap a player lays any Drive card and their turn ends.
The (next) player now faces a road card which they must match with a Drive card or a Wild (Moto) card. They then lay any Drive card, their turn ends and play continues. If they can not lay a matching Drive (or Wild) card their turn ends and players can now only play Moto cards (one per turn) to complete the lap. The last person to play a Moto card keeps all the Moto cards played in that sequence. The winner then starts a new lap.