MustLiq Rules
57 Sweet cards.
2 Bon cards.
13 Rid/Liq cards

Shuffle the deck and place it face down between the 2 players. The game lasts until the deck is exhausted and the player with the most cards wins.

Players should have at least of 5 cards in their hand, replenishing at the end of their turn. If a player is unable to go they pick up a card and their turn ends. Bon cards may not be played, by when a player has both Bon cards they may be discarded immediately.

Each card has two values and can be rotated before being laid to use the other values. A card is laid so the played value is readable by the current player and its other (rotated) value is readable by their opponent. The opponent will play from the (rotated) card they can read.

Plays starts by one player laying a Sweet card. The players then take it in turns to lay a Sweet card that matches the (rotated) Sweet type or colour of the laid card. At any time a Liq/Rid card may be laid and then the cards in this play are taken (Liq) or given to the opponent (Rid). The first player to play a Liq/Rid card decides whether all such cards will be Liqs or Rids, remembering the winner will be the one with the most cards. After a Liq/Rid card the next player recommences the game.

Play passes clockwise the current player’s opponent is the one of their left.